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Who We Are

"Stolen phones don't work anymore."

— UK crime prevention campaign tagline (2002)

In the United Kingdom, the move to devalue stolen devices started when it became apparent that mobile devices featured highly in robberies and other street crimes. They are liquid assets and all too easily disposed. So in order to reduce crime, the UK Government pioneered an initiative to block all lost or stolen mobile phones nationwide. This program was a collaboration between the UK Government, the police and the industry.

Nuemera engaged closely with the the UK Home Office and other stakeholders. Over the years we gained insight and facilitated exchanges of information to gather ideas and develop our eco-system to exceed the needs of all parties. Since its establishment in 2005, Nuemera has invested heavily in developing technologies for its core offerings.

Our development spans three continents consisting of multi-disciplinary teams of system engineers, network integrators, call centre operators, regulatory and law enforcement specialists.

Our commitment to provide a safer environment for people is what drives us to continually strive for perfection.

Nuemera. The birth of a new era.

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